how to choose a dildo
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How to Choose a Dildo: Materials, Functions, Shapes

If you are planning to purchase your first dildo and have little previous experience with choosing sex toys, it is very easy to get lost in the countless “best dildos” offered in online shops. Sometimes it is hard to understand where to even begin in the huge variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colours. To…

best glass dildo
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Best Glass Dildo: How to Choose the Best Glass Sex Toy

Experimentation with glass sex toys is on many singles’ and couples’ to do lists. There is a certain appeal in the hardness and shape variety of glass toys. In addition, they are quite practical, as cleaning requires less time than materials like rubber or PVC (which we do not recommend at all) or even silicone. The…

best thrusting vibrator
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Best Thrusting Vibrator: If you Always Want a Little Extra

Thinking about updating your sex toy collection with a vibrator that offers realistic sensation and mimics real love making? Thrusting vibrator is the way to go! Try out a G Spot thrusting vibrator or a thrusting rabbit vibrator and experience sensations incomparable to any other sex toys. Find the best thrusting vibrator for your needs…

best g spot vibrator
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Best G Spot Vibrator: Functions, Shapes, Body Safety

There is a whole lot of controversy on the net about the mystical G Spot. Some claim that it is the source of ultimate female pleasure, others deny its existence. We have no doubts about its existence, therefore, will get straight to the point of pleasuring the G Spot. In this ultimate guide of G…

flirty collection
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Flirty Mood: Best Intimate Products for Your Flirty Mood

Ruby Nix Bodice/ $65 Stainless Steel Bartender kit / $30 Wine Condoms Set of 6/ $14 Vesper pendant vibrator necklace / $79 / Wear it as an elegant necklace or enjoy its whisper-quiet vibrator function! Lace Bunny Ears / $125 Leopard Rassa Bodice/ $42 /  Handmade Neon Light Fucking Beautiful/ $79  Mini Cuff + Sado-Chic Mini Chain/…

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