Relationships & Sex Coaching


Alice Wood’s relationships and sex coaching sessions are aimed at women who wish to improve their love lives, achieve better sexual performance, enhance pleasure and reach unparalleled levels of intimacy. Each session is unique and designed with the client’s particular questions in mind. To achieve high levels of personalisation and provide tailor-made sex advice, Alice requires an outline of the main issues to be discussed from each client at least 3 days prior to the coaching session.

As a relationships and sex coach, Alice provides advice on the following topics:

  • Prioritizing pleasure

  • Understanding your sexual energy

  • Learning the art of orgasm

  • Finding confidence in your own skin

  • Matching your libido with your partner’s

  • Deconstructing relationships & finding sources of trouble

  • Self-pleasure

  • Improving sexual communication

  • Dating tips

  • Learning the language of seduction

  • Getting over shame and fear connected to yourself as a sexual being



All sessions are action and results-oriented, designed to improve your sexual experience straight after the first session. Alice’s strategies include situation analysis, practical insights, exercises and step-by-step advice. She leads each session, so there is no need to worry about awkwardness and discomfort.

Even a single one-on-one can be life-changing, however, Alice recommends at least 3 months of training to see long-lasting improvements.

Coaching is done online with the help of video calls. Each session lasts 60 minutes. Prior to a session you will receive a detailed questionnaire and a list of options to help you outline the main issues you wish to discuss. After the video call you will receive the key points that have been discussed and action-oriented tips in written format via email. If you prefer to use email for coaching instead of video calls, it is certainly possible. Please state your preference when applying for the coaching session.



“I reached out to Alice in a state of complete insecurity and fear of my own sexuality. Never have I ever opened up about my history of domestic abuse, but I believed it was time to move on and learn to love myself again. Alice set me at ease right away, her open-mindedness, calmness and honesty were enchanting and inspiring. In just an hour she motivated me to embrace my sexual self with confidence and gave life-changing advice. I have so much gratitude to this woman, her skills are truly mind-blowing. I’m a regular client now and am learning more and more about myself and my body each time we connect.”

“I especially value the session notes I received after a consultation with Alice. They come in a form of a diary with tips and tricks, and I’ve been following it ever since the coaching session.”

“Alice’s energy, warmth and personal power are so inspiring! Thank you for teaching me to love myself, my body, my femininity and erasing taboos that I’ve been living with all my life. I shared so many secrets in such a short period of time, and I wasn’t feeling judged not for a single second. Alice’s practical exercises were very useful, as they helped me heal my past wounds and come out a better, prouder and stronger human being.”


Initial coaching session (individual 60-minute session) - $299

Initial coaching session (couples 60-minute session) - $349

Follow-up coaching session (individual and couples, 60 minutes) - $199*

*An additional 15% discount is applied to each session starting from your 5th coaching session.

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