emoji vibrator
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REVIEW: Oh-Moji Mini Wand Vibrator

Lovehoney’s new Oh-Moji Mini Wand Vibrator was sent to me and my partner as a part of the prize for winning the brand’s Oh-Moji blogger contest. The task was to add a creative spin to the design of the Oh-Moji wand, so the PRIDE Oh-Moji is what we came up with. We were tremendously excited…

best anal beads
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Best Anal Beads: How to Choose and Use Anal Beads

If you are just starting out with anal play and are wondering what toys are the best for anal sex beginners, consider getting anal beads. Anal beads are popular for their slim form and flexibility, which allows users to avoid intimidation during first-time anal sex. Insert anal beads one after another to build up more…

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Safe Sex Toys: Link Roundup of the Best Resources on Body Safety

Body safe sex toys and the fight against toxic toys (and misleading manufacturers) has been among top problems in the industry for years now. The reason for that is the absence of governmental regulations for the production and material use in sex toys. While this matter remains unsolved, we suggest reading valuable materials available of…

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