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Best Vibrating Panties: Top Panties for Discreet Pleasures Reviewed

Vibrating panties, also known as vibrating underwear or slit stimulating panties)  are the ideal companion for girls who find it erotic to enjoy discrete stimulation in public. Having a secret vibrator nuzzle and tease your intimate parts while no one’s watching can be the ultimate turn-on. If the idea of wearing vibrating panties crossed your mind or if you would like to try it out for the first time with your partner, read on and find the best vibrating panties for needs!

Advantages of vibrating panties

Vibrating panties are beloved by their users for discreteness and silence. With no outer signs to give away your guilty pleasures, you can switch on the vibrations anywhere, even in public. Imagine giving away the controller of the vibrator to your partner and experiencing some unexpected stimulation at the most unexpected moments. How thrilling and arousing could such an erotic treat be!

Having used vibrating panties made by several different manufacturers, I have listed the features of the most successful models. For me, vibrating panties with small removable remote-control vibrators work best, as they come with a specially designed space for the vibrating bullet and are also easy to clean. However, there are many options – vibrations can be external or penetrative, some stimulators also come with no panties at all, so you can insert them in your own underwear, some are attached to panties, some with straps that hug your hips. To help you choose the perfect kinky garment for your needs, I have come up with a list of the best vibrating panties currently on the market.

Lovehoney 10 function garter panties are the best remote control vibrating panties and an obvious choice for those who like secretive pleasures. The lace thong has intricate floral ornaments and features a hidden pocket, where the remote control mini vibrator is placed. The pocket is conveniently placed right against the clitoris, plus the vibrator is easily removable. Hand the remote control to your partner, who can take control over your pleasure from up to 5 metre distance. 


  • Soft premium quality lace
  • 3 speeds and 2 patterns of vibration
  • Remote control works at up to 5 metres distance
  • Super sexy thong design


  • None.

Lovehoney Hot Date 10 function vibrating panties come with satin ties your partner won’t be able to resist. They are perfect for those who love variety of stimulation – the hidden mini vibrator has 10 customisable vibration modes for tailored pleasure. These top rated vibrating panties easily fit sizes 4-12 and the wireless controller reaches at 3-5 metres distance.


  • 10 vibration modes
  • Seductive satin ties
  • Fits sizes US 4-12


  • Wireless control works only at the distance of up to 3-5 metres. This is considerably less than the previous option.

Looking for something more than just a hidden bullet vibrator? Love Rider black vibrating panties add a mini G Spot dildo, which can help you experience combined clitoral and G Spot orgasms.


  • Cheaper than other vibrating panties
  • Additional pleasure from a 3.5 inch mini dildo
  • Panties are made of stretchy material but fit US sizes 12-14 best


  • The bullet vibrator only offers one speed

Not up for lace and bows? Try out hands-free clitoral stimulation experience with this butterfly vibrator. This ergonomically shaped vibe will deliver strong external vibrations with 10 explosive vibration modes. Use it alone or give the wired controller to your partner and enjoy the sexy butterfly in couple play. 


  • 10 different vibration settings
  • Special design for pinpointed clitoral pleasure
  • Adjustable straps will suit most sizes


  • The controller for this butterfly vibrator is wired, so you won't be able to use it wirelessly.

how to choose the best vibrating panties?

Having an experience of over 8 years of sex coaching, I have frequently advised my clients about the best sex toys for their needs. It is through personal experience that I first learned about the most important features each type of sex toy should have. I gained additional knowledge about the performance of my top vibrating panties through the reviews of my clients. In addition, I made regular research of sex toy market a must for myself. My standard is only the highest quality, body safety and top performance, and I would like my readers to have the highest expectations from the toys I recommend. The selection of the best vibrating panties I have come up with is based on years of experience and extensive research, and I advise you to invest some time in doing research on your own, too. Although my top choices should accommodate the needs and desires of most sex toy buyers, it is always a good idea to read through descriptions on sex toy retailer sites carefully and evaluate what fits you best.

So, what aspects should you keep in mind when choosing the best vibrating underwear for your needs? 


Choosing between fabric panties with insertable vibrator and a butterfly that can be attached to your hips is a matter of taste and preference. Both are discreet and easily concealable, however, butterflies are slightly larger in size and, therefore, can provide less targeted stimulation. This means longer arousal and stronger climaxes. Personally, I prefer classic panty style because there is absolutely nothing that can give away my secret pleasures.


Since clit stimulating panties are not just a sex toy but rather a wearable garment that has to be comfortable in use. Usually manufacturers do not offer different sizes of vibrating panties and instead design them with tie-sides. This means that on both sides you have straps or more commonly satin ribbons which you can adjust to your size. For example, the LoveHoney 10 Function Lace Vibrating Panties are adjustable for US sizes 4-12.

Clitoral only or clitoral + G Spot stimulation

While most of vibrating panties provide external or clitoral stimulation, there are some designed specifically for G-Spot stimulation. Check out Love Rider Panty Vibrator for some combined clitoral and G-Spot vibes!

Haven’t found the best vibrating panties for you? Consider getting a bullet vibrator and using it with your own panties!

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