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Best Anal Beads: How to Choose and Use Anal Beads

If you are just starting out with anal play and are wondering what toys are the best for anal sex beginners, consider getting anal beads. Anal beads are popular for their slim form and flexibility, which allows users to avoid intimidation during first-time anal sex. Insert anal beads one after another to build up more and more tension, and get mind-blowing orgasms when you eject them! Read on to find the best anal beads and learn how to use them.

Made in a variety of sizes, a string of anal beads usually starts with a tiny bead, and the next beads gradually become bigger, allowing you to adjust to the new sensation and choose your own pace of insertion. Compared to anal dildos and butt plugs, anal beads are definitely less intrusive. 

You can enjoy a variety of anal beads – first, consider the material, the size and the length. The most popular option is silicone anal beads, but you can also get more rigid metal or glass anal beads. These are the safest materials for anal beads, and we recommend to stick to these and to avoid cheap rubber or PVC.


1. Excellent for beginners

Exploring anal pleasures can be intimidating and off-putting, if you choose the wrong anal toys. Anal beads are perfect for experiencing first-time anal stimulation as they are flexible, small in size and do not require too much stretching, yet even the smallest beads can generate mindblowing pleasure.

2. Variety of shapes and materials

The pearl-like sequences of anal beads can go from smallest to largest (traditional), or vice versa. Beads can be perfectly round, water drop-shaped or oval. You can also choose the size and length of the bead strings depending on your level of experience. As for the materials, typically there are a lot of silicone and rubber anal beads on offer. However, plenty of variety can be added to anal play with anal beads made of glass and other materials.

3. Classic and vibrating options

Just like the choice between simple G-Spot dildos and G-Spot vibrators, there is also a choice between vibrating and non-vibrating anal beads. If you prefer additional pulsating stimulation, there are plenty of vibrating anal beads on offer. For example, one of our favourites is Fifty Shades Carnal Promise Vibrating Anal Beads.

Tracey Cox Silicone Anal Beads start small and get bigger with each bead, enhancing your sensations with every bead you insert. Tease your anal nerve endings with 10 sleek beads on a flexible silicone string. The beads range from 1.2 to 3 inches in circumference, so they are perfect if you are just beginning anal pleasure explorations.


  • Premium grade silicone at a very attractive price
  • 12 inches of pleasure
  • Body safe and easy to clean
  • 2 finger loops for extra safety at insertion


  • Experienced users may be less impressed with the size these anal beads, but they are excellent for beginners.

Fun Factory 7 inch Anal Beads have an impressive circumference of 4.25 inches. Created by a premium sex toy brand Fun Factory, these anal beads guarantee the best durability and material quality. Five elliptically shaped beads will give you waves and waves of pleasure.


  • 4.25 inch bead circumference
  • Highest grade silicone
  • Comfortable handle
  • Includes a free sachet of water based lube


  • None, really. These are a must have if you enjoy anal play.

Fifty Shades Carnal Promise Vibrating Anal Beads offer exquisite vibrating anal stimulation. Add a new dimension to anal play by enhancing not only the size of the beads, but also the intensity of vibration. This is a luxurious option at a reasonable price. You get 4 soft silicone beads, 3 different vibration speeds and 7 patterns for endless exploration.


  • High-grade silicone
  • Escalating size of beads
  • 3 speeds, 7 vibration patterns
  • Luxurious packaging


  • Some users may prefer a smaller first bead for easier insertion.

Emerald Gemstone Silicone Anal Beads are six hand-dipped, smooth and shiny silicone balls that looks like a string of gemstones. 100% platinum silicone, hypoallergenic, latex free, non-porous, phthalates free, water-proof and super easy to keep clean.


  • Unique gemstone design
  • Safe rectangular base
  • Impressive 14.25 inch length
  • Tasteful 2.5 inch circumference suitable for both beginners and experienced users


  • High price

how to choose the best anal beads?

What aspects should you keep in mind when choosing your first anal beads?

First, make sure that the size and length are suitable for your preferences. Note that anal bead insertion for beginners is easier and less intimidating if there are a lot of beads and the string begins with a really tiny bead. 

Second, make sure that the anal beads you are choosing have a safe base, which will not slip in anywhere too far. Many prefer ergonomic finger loops, however, grips can vary from brand to brand.

Third, avoid the cheapest rubber and PVC anal beads. These materials are not body safe – they are porous and with time will accumulate bacteria. If you still decide to go for a cheaper option, we recommend to wash the beads with antibacterial soap and use them no longer than 6 months.


The best anal beads for your health and safety are those made of medical grade silicone, stainless steel or glass. Be sure to check the materials of the anal beads you are intending to purchase!

Silicone is an affordable and durable solution. It can be easily cleansed with antibacterial soap and warm water. It is also preferable by most anal bead users due to the softness and flexibility of the material.

Stainless steel and glass anal beads are just as easy to clean. Choose these materials if you are sure that a rigid anal toy is something you can definitely handle.

Make sure that the strings between the anal beads are also made of body safe materials, and by no means are cotton. Cotton, just like porous bead materials, accumulates bacterias, and cannot be thoroughly cleansed.



If you are a beginner, even the smallest anal beads will provide your anal nerve endings with plenty of sensation. There is no need to insert the whole string up until the handle just because you have it. Experiment with two beads for the first time. Next time, check if 3 or 4 beads give more intense sensation and how your bottom can handle the fullness. Build up your experience by adding more and more beads!


Using lube during any anal play goes without saying. Water-based lube works great with sex toys of any material, so it is the universal choice. Make sure that you use enough lube to avoid unpleasant feelings.


Anal beads work great on their own, but just wait and see the incredible sensations of combining anal stimulation with clitoral play. Experiment with anal beads together with a bullet vibrator or even a G-Spot vibrator!


If you are using silicone, stainless steel or glass anal beads, cleaning them is easy. You can purchase anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner, but for starters even anti-bacterial soap will do the job well.

Clean anal beads before and after each use. 

It is not advisable to share your anal toys with a partner. However, with non porous materials like silicone, glass and steel, it is possible after proper cleansing.

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Anal beads are an excellent choice for anal sex beginners who wish to explore anal pleasures without yet committing to them. If you are a beginner, the best anal beads would be simple and non-vibrating string of ascending size beads. Later on you can explore the full versatility of shapes, sizes and materials of anal beads on the market. Just make sure that you always go for body safe options of silicone, glass or stainless steel!

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