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Alice Wood, MSc, ACC, is a sex coach and writer devoted to empowering women to embrace their sexuality, transform the way we think about sex and relationships. Alice’s straight-forward approach to taboo topics has helped many singles and couples to embrace their desires, improve their love lives and talk more freely about the subjects lust and sexual gratification.




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About Alice

Alice has an academic background in psychology, and for the past 9 years she has been coaching couples about all things sex and sexuality. She is a passionate entrepreneur, loving wife and devoted women’s rights activist. She finds immense pleasure in helping people (re)discover spark, open up to pleasure, get in tune with their bodies, finding the joy of intimacy.

Alice currently resides in Riga, Latvia, and coaches clients via one-on-one video calls and emails. She works on online sex education programs and plans to start a PhD research project in Sexology next year. Her writings are regularly published on her blog.

I reached out to Alice in a state of complete insecurity and fear of my own sexuality. Never have I ever opened up about my history of domestic abuse, but I believed it was time to move on and learn to love myself again. Alice set me at ease right away, her open-mindedness, calmness and honesty were enchanting and inspiring. In just an hour she motivated me to embrace my sexual self with confidence and gave life-changing advice. I have so much gratitude to this woman, her skills are truly mind-blowing. I’m a regular client now and am learning more and more about increasing pleasure and loving my body each time we connect.


Our sex life changed radically since we started having monthly consultations with Alice. Her energy and warmth are so inspiring! Alice’s practical exercises for better sex were very useful, they helped us get over routines and boredom in bed and added a spark to our relationship that was long gone! Thank you!


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